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There have been many changes to the Control Vision/Anywhere Map Support website and Download procedures over the past several months, so please read through the following instructions carefully for instructions on your particular device.

Anywhere Map Freedom for iPad and Android: Please continue to download your updates in the normal manner.

Anywhere Map Quadra and Septa users: Your charts updates will continue in the normal manner. For more specific download and installation instructions, please visit the Handhelds Support page.

Anywhere Map Pro Users (Duo, Q1, Dex, Motion, Win7 tablets, etc): You do not have to log-in to download and install the updates--simply click on the appropriate database to download on the Windows Support Page. You will update your 28-day database using this method, along with your enroute charts. Your MaxNav updater will perform the update to the sectionals in the normal manner. You will also update Pocket Plates Pro in the normal manner. If you have upgraded computers and need to re-install the softwares, please contact Technical Support ( with the subject line "AWM Pro re-install" and we will send you the information you need.

Anywhere ATC users: Your updates should be available for download per the normal procedure using the Anywhere Update Center. If you do not have the AUC installed, you may visit the ATC Support page to install the updater.

Anywhere Map PDA users (Pocket PC 2003 and before): This includes all "Legacy" users, including iPAQ 3xxx/4xxx/5xxx series and Dell Axim series PDAs. You will not have to log in to install the update. Simply visit the Handhelds Support page to download your 28-Day Database update. The Download Manager is also available for installation on the Handheld support page.

Thank you for being an Anywhere Map Customer!