Anywhere Map

FREE 14 day trial for Android devices:
Step 1: DownloadClick to Download Now
Step 2: Once download is complete, find the AWM.apk file in the Android notification window, or under the "Downloads" icon on your Android desktop.
Step 3: Click on the AWM.apk file, follow the onscreen prompts and it will install.
Step 4: If you receive the error "Unable to install from unknown sources", please go to your "Settings" icon, then tap on "Security". Make sure that "Allow installation of non-market apps" is checked, then repeat Step 3.
Step 5: Open Anywhere Map on your device and enter the requested registration information, including your home airport. Please be sure to use the "K" in front of the identifier.

To purchase a registered copy of Anywhere Map Freedom after your free trial has expired, please visit our Freedom for Android page in our webstore.


if you have already purchased FREEDOM from the Google Play Store. This installer is for new installations only. It uses a different licensing method and you will lose your remaining subscription time.