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Anywhere Map Dedicated Handhelds

Quadra Support Page SEPTA Support Page ATC Support Page
Important Notice:
If you are unable to update your Quadra

Updating your Quadra / Septa

installerDownload U-Link v1.0.62


Databases Downloads For Legacy PDA systems

Database Expiring Jan 4, 2018:
      Anywhere Map Pro v1.93 and other legacy systems

To install the Download Manager required to update the older PDA systems
      Download Manager v1.7

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article Using XM weather with FREEDOM
ENABLING WEATHER IN FREEDOM In-flight DataLink (XM and soon ADSB) weather inputs are only supported by default if you purchase the Freedom PRO software package.  Datalink Weather support is...

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article Quadra / Septa XM won't update
The XM seems to be connected to the Septa / Quadra but it never shows new weather. It will even report that it is receiving new files if you tap the XM signal strength area. The issue...

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article "SD Card not detected"--Samsung Galaxy
Many people have seen the message "SD card not detected" when starting up their Anywhere Map app. It takes the Galaxy tablet about 90 seconds to fully "boot up" from the...

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article No GPS location after upgrading my iPad?
If you are getting a "No GPS / No COM" warning on your iPad/iPhone, it is most likely caused by a recent upgrade to the operating system on your device. When the OS is upgraded on Apple...

  10-01-2012    Views: 5351   
article iPad 1 Low Memory Warning
While running Anywhere Map freedom a low memory warning might appear on the bottom of the screen on your iPad 1. This warning is designed to tell the pilot that his iPad is running low on program...

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article Transferring Anywhere Map Freedom from your PC to Android Tablet
If you want to install Anywhere Map Freedom from your PC to your Android tablet then follow these steps.1. Make sure that your Tablet is powered on, and connected to WiFi. 2. On your computer go...

(No rating)  4-23-2012    Views: 6712   
article Anywheremap Quadra Update Plans *update*
Currently we are beta testing a new version of the ULink program that should resolve a lot of issues that some of the Quadra users have been seeing. The new ULink program has the ability to...

  12-02-2011    Views: 8436   

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