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No GPS location after upgrading my iPad?

If you are getting a "No GPS / No COM" warning on your iPad/iPhone, it is most likely caused by a recent upgrade to the operating system on your device.

When the OS is upgraded on Apple devices, all of the permissions are reset. The first time you run an app using location services, iOS will prompt the user to allow or disallow these services. If you accidentally bypass this permission, the app will be denied access to Location Services until you grant that permission. It is easy to skip over upon start-up.

To correct this situation, you must simply give the app permission to use Location Services.  From the main screen of the iPad, select Settings > Privacy > Location Services. The switch must be in the "ON" position at the main setting, then you must grant the specific app permission also.

In this screen is a list of all installed apps that require Location Services and the permission status of each. Scroll through the list until you find Anywhere Map and make sure the switch is set to "ON".

Anywhere Map will now show your GPS location as before.
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