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"SD Card not detected"--Samsung Galaxy

Many people have seen the message "SD card not detected" when starting up their Anywhere Map app. It takes the Galaxy tablet about 90 seconds to fully "boot up" from the "power off" state, just like your normal PC. While it may allow you to start up apps nearly immediately after the tablet desktop shows on the screen, the SD card has not been turned on by the tablet yet. You can watch this process by watching the notifications scroll by on the top black status bar.

Starting Anywhere Map up before the SD card has fully initialized will result in the error "SD Card not Detected". The only way to correct this issue is to exit Anywhere Map, using the "u-turn" button shown on the bottom right of the Android screen. Go to Settings > Application Manager > Anywhere Map. Press the "Force Stop" button. Restart the Samsung tablet by holding in on the power button and choosing "Restart". The screen will go black for several seconds, then display the Samsung logo when it starts to reboot.

Once the tablet reaches the Locked Screen display during the reboot, you must wait for 90 additional seconds before starting Anywhere Map.

**You will not see this error when starting the tablet from "sleep" mode and immediately going into Anywhere Map.
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