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article Bluetooth Passkey/Pairing Codes
Issue: Passkey/Pairing code is requiredResolution: The following are some common passkey/pairing codesXM Weather ReceiversGEN 1 (round with squared off corners): 0 (single zero)Gen 2 (rectangular...

  7-10-2009    Views: 9742   
article Keyboard Stops Wired XM Weather or Wired GPS from Connecting to PDA
There are a number of specialty keyboards which can be add-on to your PDA. A few PDAs, including the Palm Treo-650 series and the HP 6500 series, even come standard with built-in keyboards.  While...

  3-03-2006    Views: 4819   
article External Antenna Options for the XM Weather Box
An external antenna for the XM Weather Box can increase your signal strength considerably. There are two types of external antennas, remote and permanent mount.  Remote External...

  2-24-2006    Views: 14944   
article Will your products work with my aircraft's 24 volt system?
Yes, all of our system bundles include power adapters which automatically adjust to 12 or 24 volt systems. Each of our power adapters are specifically designed for aircraft usage. In order for a...

  4-14-2005    Views: 14044   
article Control Vision Forums
The Control Vision Forums also known as the Discussion Board, can be used to ask other users questions on operation of your software and hardware you are using with Anywhere Map, Anywhere WX,...

  12-10-2004    Views: 40402   


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