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Anywhere Map PDA Version

Anywhere Map for PDAs running Windows Mobile operating systems

article How to remove a corrupt weather file on the PDA
You can remove weather files manually on the PDA by using:Start > File Explorer > My Device > DAT > WX and delete the files.

(No rating)  9-09-2010    Views: 5905   
article Subscription Authorization Failed
In the past several months, we have seen a recurring issue with some of the older PDAs where customers have been getting the error message that the subscription authorization failed when they try...

  12-07-2011    Views: 3859   
article Weather configuration for 47xx/55xx
Configuring the XM weather receiverHP 4700, 5500 or older HP PDAs using BluetoothTo configure the XM system, do the following:1. Plug the XM unit into strong 12v-32v DC power (good power is...

(No rating)  12-02-2011    Views: 3591   
article Weather Configuration 5915
Configuring the XM weather receiver1. Plug the XM unit into strong 12v-32v DC power (good power is critical!)2. Start By making a Bluetooth Shortcut Tap iPaq Wireless on the start screen3. Tap the...

(No rating)  12-02-2011    Views: 7583   
article GPS instructions 5915
Configuring the GPSThe HP Travel Companion has a built-in GPS and antenna. As long as the corner opposite the HP logo onthe front of the unit is facing toward the sky then you should get a good GPS...

  12-02-2011    Views: 4847   
article GPS Setup Instructions 47xx/55xx
Configuring the GPS HP 4700, 5500 or older HP PDAs using Bluetooth Look in the lower right corner of the PDA screen. There is a small antenna icon. Tap the icon to open the iPAQ Wireless...

(No rating)  12-02-2011    Views: 8183   
article How do I remove your keyboard on PDAs
If you don't like our keyboard that you've installed from our website, you can remove it by going to start > settings > system > remove programs > and remove the AWSIP program to get...

(No rating)  8-10-2011    Views: 4621   
article How to load PDA Software via Download Center
Issue:I need to load Anywhere Map onto my PDA but I do not have a current CD.Resolution:With a current subscription you can acquire all the neccessary files in the Download Center located at...

  7-17-2009    Views: 9413   
article Configuring the XRX Traffic Scope
Please follow the directions that apply to the PDA you are using.Profile 1 is preset for Anywhere Map a. HP 5915 Travel Companion To configure the XM system, do the following:Plug the Zaon XRX unit...

  10-18-2007    Views: 3702   
article Error: Subscription Expired Before the Release of the DLM File
On your PDA:1) Ensure the Anywhere Map™ program is not running on the PDA (Shutdown-Concern)3) Perform a soft reset on the PDA2) Check to ensure the PDA’s power is on and put the PDA on the...

(No rating)  6-30-2006    Views: 4219   
article How to Use Taxi Express / Airport Diagrams
You must first download and install the Taxi Express or Airport Diagrams database, in order to view and use the airport diagrams. The airport diagrams download is located in support section of the...

  5-25-2006    Views: 4487   
article High Resolution Terrain Avoidance
Once the high resolution terrain database has been downloaded and installed. Anywhere Map can show the terrain in one-mile by one-mile blocks. In order for this to display properly, the map needs...

  5-16-2006    Views: 3669   
article Track or Trail History
Anywhere Map™ has a track or trail feature which provides “*” every half mile of distance traveled. These stars create a dotted type line on the screen which shows the route taken for that session....

(No rating)  5-01-2006    Views: 2703   
article Windows Mobile 5 Bluetooth GPS Settings
Windows Mobile 5 added a new GPS feature, which can reserve and lock ports for GPS data. In certain cases Mobile 5 will lock these ports and even the GPS itself will be unable to transmit data to...

  4-18-2006    Views: 8761   
article Stop Active Sync from Passing Calendar & Other Information to the PDA
Under the default settings of ActiveSync, Microsoft will pass e-mail, contacts, appointments, notes, and various other items to your PDA. Depending on the amount of items transferred to the...

  4-06-2006    Views: 4068   
article Backlight Brightness in AC & Battery Modes
Each PDA uses a back light to help make the screen easier to view. The backlight runs in two different modes, AC and Battery. When a handheld is switched from AC to battery operation, the...

  3-18-2006    Views: 2957   
article Anywhere Map™ V 1.8 & Pocket PC 2003
Many customers have been asking why version 1.8 of Anywhere Map™ will only run on Pocket PC 2003. This article will explain the changes with the 2003 operating system and why we needed to move the...

  3-17-2006    Views: 4654   
article Power Settings for the PDA Screen
Most handhelds will turn off their display or their backlight if no activity is detected for a certain period of time. In rare cases the PDA will not allow the backlight or the display to return,...

  3-16-2006    Views: 4699   
article Automatic Light Sensors for PDAs
A few handheld manufactures included a built-in light sensor into some of their PDA units. If your handheld has this feature, you will have an automatic check box at the bottom of the brightness...

  3-14-2006    Views: 4663   
article Checking the Pocket PC Version of you PDA
Before installing any software or updates, it is important to know what version of Pocket PC is installed on your PDA and determine if that version is compatible with the software you are...

  3-04-2006    Views: 5059   
article Anywhere Map™ Taxi Express & Pocket Plates™ Suggested Install Locations and Approximate Sizes
Planning for storage needs on your PDA is important and we recommend choosing a 1GB storage card or higher. This allows plenty of room for current applications and growth for new or improved...

(No rating)  3-02-2006    Views: 3954   
article Issue in Anywhere Map v1.6.7
We have had reports of a problem with 1.67wx locking up when downloading weather using Anywhere Link (via the cradle, cell phone, or sat phone). We have reproduced the problem here and have...

  3-16-2005    Views: 3612   
article AnywhereWx w/ XM Closes Immediately After Startup
**UPDATED**     If you have the XM Weather system and the software closes immediately (less than 1 minute) after startup and will not remain running, then the following situation has possibly...

  12-17-2004    Views: 2989   
article PDA locks up after installing update.
After instlling an update, Anywhere Map may not open if it is opened in the cradle. When Anywhere Map is opened in the cradle on some occasions, it will not open because the software is trying to...

(No rating)  11-17-2004    Views: 4314   


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