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article What/How to Update Pro EFBs every 28 days
How to update Anywhere Map PROExit Anywhere Map into Download CenterUnder Available Downloads choose Anywhere Map Pro or Anywhere Map Pro WX

  2-12-2010    Views: 11970   
article Bluetooth Access Denied -- Samsung Q1
Sometimes the older Samsung Q1s using our Anywheremap Pro software can run into Bluetooth problems. Issues can occur after a possible corruption in the software or from a settings change. When...

(No rating)  11-18-2011    Views: 4871   
article Rapi.dll missing
You can find these files at† and

(No rating)  8-16-2011    Views: 6190   
article Outside Airplane antennas for weather
If you are interested in mounting an outside antenna for optimal satellite reception at all times for your XM weather receiver, you can mount one outside of your plane. Comant offers an antenna...

  8-14-2011    Views: 7015   
article I downloaded the latest version of the software and now my gps/wx/zaon does not work!
Due to an issue with the compatibility between build 191 and 270, currently the software may replace the settings file in Anywheremap Pro when you load the new version of the software. What this...

  7-18-2011    Views: 7460   
article Anywhere Map Pro Minimum Hardware Specifications
Anywhere Map Pro will run on laptops, tablet PCs and regular workstation PCs running Microsoft Windows. These computers will need to have Bluetooth capabilities in order to connect to Bluetooth...

(No rating)  5-23-2011    Views: 6790   
article DUO / Viliv X70 Bluetooth Setup Instructions
Step by Step bluetooth setup instructions can be found at

(No rating)  5-20-2011    Views: 7695   
article Error Touchmon stopped working
If you get the Touchmon Stopped Working error message, you should install the Touchmon Driver from Run the exe from the zip file, then go to...

(No rating)  5-20-2011    Views: 4298   
article Power requirements for Pro System
12v System: 10.8-16V 28v System: 22-30V Power to the AW160 power supply must be within the above ranges to function properly.

(No rating)  5-20-2011    Views: 5997   
article Anywhere Map PRO starting and software launching
Issue: If you are using the Anywhere SST, Motion tablet or the Raven XP tablet, it is critical that you allow the tablet to fully complete its boot (start up) process BEFORE you launch the Anywhere...

  6-30-2006    Views: 13798   
article Status Windows Lock Feature
Anywhere Map XPô has many status windows, which can give you valuable information during flight. These windows can be moved around the screen and can even be locked into place, so they are easy...

(No rating)  3-30-2006    Views: 9658   


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