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article Pocket Plates Jan 15, 2010
The servers hosting the Pocket Plates data are currently processing data at a reduced due to increased traffic. This is causing a much longer than normal pause in the Validate/Update process....

(No rating)  1-15-2010    Views: 3136   
article My plates will not update
Tech support gets a lot of calls related to the problem of not being able to download the latest plates.Some of these problems are valid tech support issues that may be related to issues with the...

  12-02-2011    Views: 7080   
article Message "Can not save" is displayed
If you get a message in Pocket Plates Pro that states "Can Not Save" then you need to do 1 of 2 things: Download the following file and restart the PC-

(No rating)  5-19-2011    Views: 4081