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Anywhere Travel Companion (ATC)

article Anywhere Update Center has encountered an error
If you see the message “Anywhere Update Center has encountered an error and must shut down” or if you are having problems with your updates, please do all of the following after verifying you...

(No rating)  5-19-2011    Views: 7380   
article Anywhere Update Center says "No Updates Available"
If you are getting a message that there are no updates available in the Anywhere Update Center, check under Help>About for the software version#. If it displays any version# other than the...

  8-27-2009    Views: 13528   
article Can I utilize an external GPS with the ATC?
The ATC can not utilize an external GPS either via bluetooth or hardwired cables. You can use an external GPS antenna however to improve GPS reception.

  7-10-2009    Views: 11170   
article What is the maximum speed of the internal GPS?
The ATC's internal GPS receiver can accurately track the aircraft position up to 250 knots.

(No rating)  7-10-2009    Views: 6528   
article ATC doesn't take or hold charge
Issue: The ATC does not charge or the battery doesn't last even 2 hours.Resolution: Only power the ATC using the chargers and cables provided with the unit. Other USB chargers or cables may cause...

  7-10-2009    Views: 12202   
article Exiting Software
Issue: How to return to Main System ScreenResolution:To exit from Anywhere Map:Tap ToolsTap SettingsTap Exit AWMTap Yes once (wait up to 10 seconds for the software to save and close)To exit from...

  7-10-2009    Views: 6459   
article Power off unit
Issue: ATC does not turn off.Resolution: It is recommended that after exiting all programs and returning to the Main System Screen, the Lock icon is pressed, then and hold power button for 10...

(No rating)  7-10-2009    Views: 8968   
article Screen is too bright while flying at night
There are a couple of ways to change the brightness on your ATC. The first way is to go into the street mapping program and manually change the brightness. A more effective method for just...

(No rating)  11-30-2011    Views: 4804   
article How to do a registry reset on an ATC
Doing a registry reset will help your ATC if it is having problems being discovered by your computer. You should also perform this reset if you are having frequent problems doing updates. NOTE:...

(No rating)  8-16-2011    Views: 5207   
article Street Mapping databases on the ATC
NOTE: the latest updated software available from HP is from June 2008.You can download new street mapping information from www.naviextras.comThanks

  8-11-2011    Views: 5931   
article AWM starts to load but progress bar stops short of completion
You'll need to power on the

  2-15-2010    Views: 5007   
article How do I Pair/Unpair a weather receiver with an ATC?
Unpairing from current receiver: Open AWM> Tools> Settings> XM Settings Tap on Forget Saved Bluetooth Radio> Yes> Ok Tap on Disable XM WX Pair with a new receiver: Power on the new...

(No rating)  1-05-2010    Views: 8068   
article How do I set the backlight/power settings?
Power on the ATC. Navigate to the main System Screen (PP/AWM/HP).Launch HP Street Navigation.To set the Power Management:Tap on Settings.Tap on System.Set "Turn of if idle after:" to...

(No rating)  12-22-2009    Views: 10572   
article How do I set the time/date?
Power on the ATC. Navigate to the main System Screen (PP/AWM/HP).Launch HP Street Navigation.Tap on SettingsTo Set Time:Tap on Time.Tap on the two clock icon towards the bottom of the...

  12-22-2009    Views: 7871   
article 4 Things NOT to do to your ATC
DO NOT install the HP content manager, or download any software from HP to “update” your ATC.  If you do so, you will need to contact Control Vision Technical Support for instructions on how to...

  12-14-2009    Views: 6440   
article MaxNav errors
When utilizing MaxNav on an ATC, it is possible to encounter memory related errors such as Out of Memory, Disk Full or Preparing Data tag that doesn't resolve within 1 minute. If this is observed,...

(No rating)  11-19-2009    Views: 7363   
article No SAT or GPS takes more than 1 minute to acquire
Power on the ATC (not plugged into power supply)Tap the reset button and allow the ATC to return to the Main System Screen (PP/AWM/HP NAV)Ensure the Date and Time are accurate on this page. If they...

  11-11-2009    Views: 8255   
article Updating the ATC for the first time. What do I do first and what should I expect?
Go to This is the Home Page dedicated solely to the ATC. Here you will find all the Information, News, Videos & Applications available for the ATC. It’s a good idea to...

  10-23-2009    Views: 8823   
article How do I update Pocket Plates on my ATC?
First install Pocket Plates Pro to your PC. The software download can be found at Once this is installed, open PP Pro on the PC, go to Settings>Download and...

(No rating)  10-23-2009    Views: 14012   
article ATC Hardwired Power Supply
The ATC hardwired power supply has 2 leads, one has a white stripe on it while one does not. The wire with the white stripe is Positive. The wire without the stripe is Ground.

(No rating)  9-10-2009    Views: 9752   
article Auto Play/ Pop Up windows when plugging in the ATC
When an ATC device is plugged into a desktop PC, some windows may automatically appear. These popup windows are typically one or more of the following: Auto Play Window: States "This disk or...

(No rating)  9-09-2009    Views: 9729   
article What were the default ATC view settings?
VFR VIEWNavShow VORFreqAptShow IdentShow distance toElevationATIS FreqTower FreqShow Private AptsShow Dot OnlyShow Cones AspClass BClass CClass DShow AltitudesMOARestrictedShow AltitudesSFRs and...

  7-19-2009    Views: 5870   
article How do I cancel/delete a route in Street Navigation?
To Cancel a Route:Tap "Home" icon, then tap Yellow sign with curved arrow, then tap the Route Detail button, and finally tap th

  7-10-2009    Views: 4488