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Updating Your Quadra/SEPTA

The accurate registration of your device is more important than ever before. We have made changes to the Ulink downloading process that are confusing to those that are used to doing it a different way. These changes were made for security reasons.

We recommend that you verify that your Quadra / Septa registration well in advance of the next update and/or use of the device.

We have received many tech support requests from customers who cannot upgrade their device, even though they have Lifetime™ subscriptions. In almost every case this is caused by having an incorrect email address in the Personal settings screen of their device. The email address in this screen MUST match the email address on your Anywhere Map user account.


To check the registration information on the device, go to the user registration page by clicking the icon shown in the upper right hand corner of your screen:


Make sure that the email address you see on this screen matches the email address listed for in your Anywhere Map registration information. If a different address is listed you will not be able to download any updates.

PLEASE NOTE: This field is CASE-SENSITIVE. Upper and lower case letters should match as well. For example: BLUES@GMAIL.COM is not the same as

Quadra 2


If you are unsure of your registration information you can have it mailed to you by sending a request to

If you never registered your Quadra or Septa device, you may have to contact Tech Support if you are unable to download updates.

If your subscription has expired, you can purchase another subscription from our web store. After you purchase the subscription, please allow 1 full business day to process the order, or you may email tech support with your purchase information and your existing Anywhere Map user name and we will activate the subscription immediately.

Thank you for choosing Anywhere Map