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If you are unable to update your Quadra, PLEASE READ

page Updating your Quadra / Septa

installerDownload ULink(Release Date 12-20-2011)

Step 1 Knowledge Base Articles
Check here first to find help with common questions about your SEPTA.

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Product Registration
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Manual SEPTA Owners Manual
4.66MB (Updated 2/6/2012)
This is the complete manual for the Anywhere Map SEPTA.
Checklist SEPTA ULink
4.01MB (Updated 12/20/2011)
Anywhere Map SEPTA units can be updated via a USB connection to a Windows PC. ULink offers tremendous speed advantages compared to updating via WiFi. Not compatible with Apple OS systems.
Manual Pocket Plates 3 Manual
Instructions for using and updating Pocket Plates 3 for the Quadra, SEPTA, and Windows PC devices.
Checklist Checklist
1.52MB (Updated 6/9/2010)
This quick guide offers a brief overview of the main function and procedures of the SEPTA.
email E-Mail Support
Send your questions for getting helpful hints and how-to's and for questions about installation, passwords, billing, etc.
Discussion Board Discussion Board
Talk with other users and staff about getting the most out of your Control Vision products.